Eklutna Generation Station

MEA’s Eklutna Generation Station, or EGS, is a new 171-megawatt natural-gas-powered power plant in Eklutna, Alaska. EGS is now serving homes and businesses from Eagle River to the South Denali Princess Lodge.

EGS is powered by Cook Inlet natural gas delivered by Hilcorp, the third-largest, privately held petroleum exploration and production company in the United States.

Each of the low-emission Wärtsilä engines at EGS will operate primarily on natural gas. However, in case of interruption to the gas supply, advanced dual-fuel technology enables the engines to smoothly switch to diesel.

For decades, MEA purchased power from Chugach Electric Association, but members voted to build their own plant and begin generating their own power once the Chugach contract ended. 

EGS Timeline

  • 2008 – MEA selects Eklutna location for new power plant.
  • 2009 – 2010 – Public hearing and property rezoning process
  • 2011 – MEA Board approves Limited Notice to Proceed phase
  • March 2012 – MEA signs purchase contract for Wärtsilä engines and generators to drive the plant
  • June 2012 – MEA breaks ground on EGS facility
  • March 2013 – Full construction begins
  • September-October 2013 – Wärtsilä engines arrive on site
  • June 2014 – EGS Switchyard to be energized
  • August 2014 – Administration building complete
  • September 2014 – Warehouse/Maintenance shop complete
  • October 2014 – Power Block/Balance of Plant testing and commissioning commences
  • December 2014 – EGS Power Block Mechanical completion
  • January 2015 – 40% of engines online
  • May 1, 2015 – MEA officially becomes a self-generating utility

Community and Statewide Impact

  • Nearly 300 jobs at peak construction.
  • 28 permanent positions – majority Alaska hire.
  • Over $125M in Alaskan economic impact.
  • Part of larger Railbelt system for more economic dispatch of power.
  • More capability to integrate wind and other renewables.

EGS By The Numbers

  • 171 – Megawatts EGS will produce at its peak.
  • 148 – MEA’s peak load to date.
  • 10 – Wärtsilä engine/generators, each with 17MW capacity. There is expansion room for 2 more gensets.
  • 300 – Weight in tons of each engine.
  • 23,000 – Yards of concrete poured at EGS.
  • 3,600 – Gallons of lube oil to fill each engine’s reservoir.

The Technology

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Eklutna Generation Station: Safe, Reliable and Economic


EGS First Engine Start 12/1/2014

Wärtsilä Engine Delivery