Substation Upgrades

Substations take power from high-voltage transmission lines and lower the voltage level so it can be sent in multiple directions to homes or businesses via smaller distribution lines.

Periodic upgrades to various substations in the MEA service area are necessary to support a safe, reliable system that meets increasing usage demands. Without these upgrades, members are likely to experience more outages.

MEA’s substation upgrades affect the entire 500-mile-long railbelt grid, too. Since the grid functions as an integrated system among many electric utilities, MEA has a responsibility to provide modern, stable substations.

See MEA’s briefing sheet Why Substations are Important

Proposed Powder Reserve Substation

This substation may be necessary to support new development in Eklutna Inc.’s proposed Powder Reserve subdivision near the North Eagle River exit.  The Municipality of Anchorage Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit for the site and MEA has purchased the land.  The substation will be developed as demand dictates.  In the interim, MEA will add a sign to the site to ensure the future use of the land is transparent.

Click HERE for the project briefing.

Parks Substation Upgrade

After a conditional use permit to expand this substation was denied by the Municipality of Anchorage Planning and Zoning Commission, MEA is now investigating if there is an alternate site with limited community and cost impacts.  Based on a vacant land search, MEA has recently selected 3 additional sites to assess as possibilities for the substation.  MEA expects the alternate location analysis to be complete later this spring.

Click HERE for a map of the vacant land search and possible options.