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Obstacle Blocks Access
Wrong Tree in the Wrong Place
Perfect Landscaping Plan

We all like to landscape our yards whether we hire a landscaping company or take the time to do the work ourselves. The beauty of flowers, rock gardens, and our favorite type of trees all add beauty to our property.  However, before you make plans and go to the expense, MEA would like to take this opportunity to share with everyone the following message…

Often utility easements with underground and overhead power lines are misused by   planting vegetation and the placement of obstructions. The utility easement needs to remain clear of vegetation, rocks, fences and other objects in order for MEA to access power lines and underground equipment without any hindrances. In addition, the grade of the ground should not be altered around the pedestals and transformer boxes without prior coordination. Please understand that MEA has rules and regulations that our members must follow.

Having accessibility to power lines and transformer boxes/pedestals is essential for MEA. Clear access enables MEA to safely perform routine maintenance and restore power as quickly as possible during a power outage.

We are dedicated in keeping our members, the public, and our utility workers safe.

Please assist MEA by planting vegetation and by placing other objects out of the utility   easement.

Have a Plan.   Help keep the utility easement clear. The right landscaping for the right place.

MEA would like to thank you for your time and for understanding how important this message is.

Keeping you safe! Keeping your power on!