MEA News

MEA News:

Alaska Power Association warns its members that electric utility customers in the Lower 48, and recently in Alaska, are being targeted by scammers seeking to collect personal identity and financial information.

Customers are being baited with fraudulent offers such as assistance with paying utility bills and free prepaid credit cards.  Customers who accept these and similar offers from unknown and illegitimate businesses are being asked to furnish such information as their bank account numbers and bank routing numbers or Social Security numbers.  In a media advisory sent today, Municipal Light & Power reported that customers may have received an email scam aimed at stealing their identity information by offering a $1,000 Visa gift card from the city-owned electric utility. There is no such ML&P offer.

Last month, the American Public Power Association warned utilities of a multi-state scam targeted at utility customers across the country. Tactics to steal identity information have included in-person solicitation, social media, fliers, phone calls and text messages.  Victims in California, Illinois, Tennessee and Texas reported being told that special funding had been approved through the Federal Reserve Bank for utility bill assistance. There is no such funding available.