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MEA News:
Being a lineman is no simple task. Climbing poles and stringing electric wire is a daily job, in spite of weather. Even when weather isn’t a problem, linemen have a dangerous job. As a member of Matanuska Electric Association, you can help make their jobs safer.

Power poles are a dangerous place to advertise garage sales, endorse candidates or  hang ‘no hunting or trespassing’ signs. It greatly increases the risk of serious injury to linemen.

Linemen wear protective clothing, including special gloves, to prevent electrical shock. Protruding nails, heavy staples, hooks or fence wire can tear their equipment, thereby increasing their chance of electrocution. When linemen climb poles, they wear special boots and climbing gaffs. If these gaffs hit metal they could be deflected and cause a fall, which could result in a serious injury to the worker.

Electric poles are the property of Matanuska Electric Association, and maintenance crews have been instructed to remove signs or other nonessentials from the poles.

Utility linemen are employed to assure quality, reliable electric service. When you pound nails, hooks or fence wire into poles, you jeopardize your service and their safety.