October 30, 2017

In an effort to better align the core functions of their business, Matanuska Electric Association has restructured the Engineering and Operations Divisions. Ed Jenkin will now oversee the operations, engineering and planning functions as MEA’s Director of Power Delivery.

The new structure is consistent with MEA’s move to a vertically integrated utility that produces transmits and distributes its own power. The move targets improvements to the efficiency of their transmission and distribution functions.

“MEA is focused on finding ways to increase our operational efficiency and enhance member satisfaction,” explains MEA General Manager/CEO Tony Izzo. “Bringing the Engineering and Operations functions under Ed’s leadership will help MEA improve reliability, control costs and more effectively serve our members.”

Mr. Jenkin spent 25 years at Chugach Electric Association and last served as their Vice President of Power Delivery before joining MEA in 2014. Ed previously served as MEA’s Director of System Operations and Planning. In this new capacity, he will continue to serve in leadership roles of several system-wide initiatives including the Railbelt Power Pool and the Transco Working Group.


Matanuska Electric Association, Inc., Alaska’s oldest existing and second-largest electric cooperative, is owned and operated by its 50,000 members. MEA’s service area covers more than 4,400 miles of power lines in Southcentral Alaska. The co-op is dedicated to working with utilities statewide to provide consumers with affordable and reliable energy. More information at www.mea.coop.