Budget Billing

Pay the same amount for electricity next winter as you pay this summer! More than 4,000 MEA members participate in this program.

How It Works

MEA’s budget billing program allows you to “even out” your electric bills, paying the same amount each month. This makes budgeting money for your electric bill easier.

When you sign up for the program, your budget billing amount will be estimated based on your previous annual usage. This number is then used to calculate 12 equal, monthly payments. MEA re-estimates this figure every June to help ensure accuracy and avoid substantial bills or credits.  Any credit or debit accrued during the year is automatically incorporated into your future bills.

Your meter will continue to be read on a monthly basis, and you’ll receive a monthly bill as you have in the past. The bill will indicate your current kilowatt-hour consumption and your current budget billing amount.

You can sign up for budget billing every April 1 through May 31 by contacting us. Participation is not mandatory and may be discontinued by either the member or MEA at any time.

Any residential member in good standing whose home has had continuous electrical service for 12 months is eligible to participate.

View the graph below for a comparison of normal billing vs. budget billing.

Budget Billing Q & A

What is budget billing?

Budget billing is a method of paying electric bills in 12 equal payments. This plan allows members to budget for electrical payments in advance, eliminating higher payments in the winter when extreme cold and darkness can drive expenses up.

Who is eligible for budget billing?

Any residential member in good standing whose home has had continuous electrical service for 12 months is eligible to participate. The program is most beneficial to MEA members who use electric heating or who have bills which vary significantly from season-to-season.

How will my payment be determined?

Your budget billing payment will be calculated based on your previous 12 months of electrical consumption and any anticipated rate changes. Each June your budget billing amount will be recalculated to ensure accuracy.

What if I pay too much or too little during the year?

Your monthly payment will be calculated as closely as possible to come out even by our “true up” month of June. Any credit accrued by this time will be applied to future bills. All amounts owed MEA by our “true up” month of June will be automatically rolled over to the next program year and spread over the next 12 months.

Can I pay by credit card or electronic bank draft?

You can arrange to have MEA automatically charge your credit card if you have Visa or Mastercard. We can also deduct the payment from your checking account or you can go online to www.mea.coop to pay online.

When do I make my monthly payments?

Your monthly bill must be paid just the same as a regular bill – on or before the due date.

When may I sign up for budget billing?

You can sign up for budget billing April 1 through May 31 by calling (907) 761-9300 or visit us in person at any one of our three district offices.

If there is a significant change in my usage, can my budget billing be adjusted?

Yes. Contact an MEA Billing Specialist at (907) 761-9300 to review your budget billing and make necessary adjustments if your usage significantly changes.