New Construction

The following links provide information for new construction, service upgrades, standby generators and customer generation interconnection as well as our line extension policy.

New or Upgraded Residential Service

MEA’s “Service Assembly Guide” provides information on the construction of facilities necessary to obtain electric service from the cooperative.

New or Upgraded Commercial Services

This Commercial Handbook has been prepared to inform new commercial and large power customers of MEA’s service requirements.

Information for Cannabis Growers

Cannabis growers applying for new service should discuss electricity needs with an MEA representative prior to undertaking this venture. The cannabis industry is traditionally a large user of power and proactive communication can help growers avoid unnecessary costs and power disruptions. The State of Alaska notifies MEA when a member within our service territory applies for a marijuana license. This notification prompts our member service department to distribute a letter outlining some of the basic information about electricity and growing cannabis. A copy of the letter is available below.

Standby Generator Connection

Customer Generation Interconnection Guide

Line Extensions

If your location does not have MEA service, the Line Extension Policy provides details on MEA’s rules and regulations for extending service to bona fide residential or commercial facilities within MEA’s authorized service area.

MEA has recently reviewed our Line Extension Policy. Below you will find our current policy, materials from public meetings held to allow our membership to make comments in regards to policy updates, and the previous policy. 

Current Line Extension Policy