Proper Landscaping & Tree Trimming

MEA is committed to providing safe, reliable power to our members. Effective vegetation management is vital in the effort to reduce tree-related outages. For the safety of the public and crews, please keep clear of the work zone while crews are accessing and clearing rights-of-way. Call 761-9306 or 761-9267 with any questions.

The right landscaping for the right place

Planting the right tree in the right place is very important our members’ safety and the safety of MEA crews.

The utility easement (underground and overhead) needs to remain clear of vegetation, rocks, fences and other objects in order for MEA to access power lines and underground equipment without any hindrances. The grade of the ground should not be altered around the pedestals and transformer boxes. MEA is dedicated to keeping our members, the public, and our utility workers safe. Clear access enables MEA to safely perform routine maintenance and restore power as quickly as possible during a power outage.

Please visit MEA’s tree arboretum/display garden across the street from the Palmer office to see examples of many recommended species and planting distances from power lines.

Here are some tips from the Alaska Division of Forestry on where to plant your trees: 

As always, before digging, call 811 to have them mark where underground utilities are located.

Danger Trees

MEA defines danger trees as structurally unsound trees, located on or off the right-of-way, that could come into contact with power lines by growing, falling or swaying into energized lines.

The MEA Clearing Department evaluates all danger tree reports to determine if the tree or trees should be removed by MEA crews. We prioritize tree removal based on the degree of danger/hazard and whether the potential risk is to a primary line or a service line.

If you believe there is a danger tree in your area, please call us at 761-9300 to report it.

View our complete danger tree policy here (pdf).