Right-Of-Way Clearing

MEA is committed to providing safe, reliable power to our members. Effective vegetative management is vital in the effort to reduce tree-related outages. For the safety of the public and crews, please keep clear of the work zone while crews are accessing and clearing rights-of-way. Call 761-9306  or 761-9267 with any questions.

2017-2020 Clearing Map

2017-2020 Clearing Schedule

We will be clearing all vegetation within the full width of the easement with mowing machines, bucket trucks and hand cutting.  All trees and brush in the easement will be disposed of with a chipping machine.  Logs of 6 inches in diameter will be stacked along the easement for use by our members.  Stumps no higher than 4 inches may be left.  Please remove all items from easement in the area including vehicles, animals, equipment and unlock all fences and gates.  We ask that all members, especially children stay away from clearing activity for their safety and that of our crews.  Members will receive an auto-call ahead of clearing activity in their neighborhood and a door hanger within 4 days of clearing activity on their property.

2017 Clearing Projects

We are in the process of finalizing our 2017 clearing schedule. Below are a couple projects planned for 2017. Check back in the coming weeks for more detailed information and maps of the areas affected. MEA’s clearing season begins as soon as weather permits and generally lasts until mid-November.

  • Palmer (map available here); All overhead distribution lines in the area of Bogard Road, Palmer Fishook Road, New Hope Street and Edgerton Parks Road: MEA Clearing Crew, January – April
  • Big Lake (map available here); All overhead distribution lines in the area of Big Lake Road and Beaver Lake Road: JCC, Feb – July
  • Wasilla (map available here); All overhead distribution lines along Church Road and surrounding areas: Carlos Tree Service, late winter/early spring 2017
  • Eagle River (map available here); All overhead distribution lines from Eagle River Nature Center towards downtown along Eagle River Road: Carlos Tree Service, starting upon completion of Wasilla clearing. Anticipated start date, May 2017.