K-12 Energy Education

If you are interesting in receiving any of the below presentations, please contact Kierre Childers, Community and Member Relations Coordinator, at kierre.childers@mea.coop or 907.761.9323.

Electric safety at home, work and play

“We’re proud to offer energy education presentations, free of cost, to our youngest members. It’s important that they understand the role that they have in their electric cooperative, both inside and outside the home and these presentations provide us the ability to teach them that information,” Julie Estey, Director of External Affairs. Through numbers of different in-person presentations, MEA can help youth learn how electricity is made, how to be safe around electricity both indoors and outdoors and how to calculate the cost of energy usage in your home or school and ways to conserve that energy. Our energy education programs teach kids through informative, entertaining and age-appropriate demonstrations and are available to schools, businesses or other local groups.

Safety City

Why can a bird perch on a power line without being electrocuted? Can electricity travel through tree branches? Is it dangerous to hold the string when a kite gets caught in power lines? What should you do when there is a “live” electric line on the ground?These questions and many others are answered in MEA’s “Safety City” demonstration.

Students learn about electrical safety through the adventures of miniature characters who face various hazardous situations in a high voltage charged miniature town, while MEA representatives discuss how to safely and properly handle each situation. At the end of each presentation, students have an opportunity to ask questions and make comments pertaining to electricity and electrical safety. This presentation is geared towards 3-6 grades, yet can be adjusted to different age groups upon request.

View our 2017 Spotlight on Safety Contest Winners by clicking on the image below.

Above: Grand Prize Winner, Savannah Sparrs entry from Machetanz Elementary

MEA Saves the Day

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

How much does it cost to have my TV on while I play video games? Does it cost more to dry my hair with a box fan or a hair dryer? How can I save money on an electricity bill if I can’t afford to buy all new appliances?

Our Energy Efficiency and Conservation Presentation covers the above questions and more! Based off of AK EnergySmart Curriculum, this presentation provides students with a hands-on activity teaching them how to measure the energy use that different appliances in their homes and schools are using. Then, options of how to save energy with those appliances are presented to students. This presentation is geared toward students beginning in 7th grade. This presentation is based around the one given during the Annual Power Pledge Challenge. For more information on the Power Pledge Challenge, click here.

Looking for Curriculum Resources?

If you’re a teacher looking for energy curriculum resources, AK Energy Smart offers free lesson plans for K-12, training webinars and more. Learn more about their effort to increase energy literacy in Alaska through the video below.