Understanding My Bill

Charge Type
Facilities Charge
A flat monthly charge designed to cover the costs of customer accounting, issuing your monthly bill, maintaining and reading meters, and capital costs associated with metering equipment.
Cost of Power Adjustment (COPA)
An adjustment to reflect fluctuations in the cost of fuel and purchased power. This may be a charge or a credit. The COPA changes every quarter (3 months) and is approved by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA).
Regulatory Cost Charge (RCC)
Charge required by legislation, which funds the Regulatory Commission of Alaska or RCA (formerly known as the Alaska Public Utilities Commission). The RCA is the state agency that regulates MEA. The RCA updates the RCC annually. They can be contacted at RCA, 701 W. 8th Avenue Suite 300, Anchorage AK 99501 or by phone 907-276-622 or toll free at 800-390-2782.
Other Charges
The cities of Palmer, Wasilla, Houston and Talkeetna each have sales tax. Locations within these cities have a sales tax amount added to the bill. The portion of MEA’s service territory within the Municipality of Anchorage has an undergrounding surcharge of 2% added to bills pursuant to AS 42.05.381 (i) and AMC 21.90.070.

Sample Bill

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