Right of Way Use

Many members have questions about utility easements (also known as the “rights of way” (ROW)) and often incorrectly assume the property is open to the public. The most important thing to remember is that the ROW is not public land and landowners retain all rights of ownership of the ROWs with agreed year-round access to utilities. We've answered some Frequently Asked Questions about power line easements below.

What is a Utility Easement/Right of Way?
How big are Easements?
Why do you have Easements/ROW’s?
Is a Right of Way open to the public/for public use?
What can I do if people are using an easement on my property illegally?
Can I use a ROW for hiking or riding my ATV?
Can I build my fence in the ROW?

If you have questions about rights of way that are not addressed in this information, please contact our ROW department by emailing: mearow@mea.coop

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