Report Power Theft

We take power theft seriously.

MEA takes power theft seriously. Individuals who attempt to steal power are stealing from all MEA members. When power theft is discovered, MEA uses all means available to recover costs associated with stolen power directly from those committing the crime.

Under Alaska Law, MEA can recover up to three times the value of the stolen power if an individual is convicted.

Power theft is also a safety concern for MEA as it can lead to serious injury, death from electrical shock, fires and explosions. Power theft is a hazard for individuals committing the crime, the general public and MEA employees.

MEA employees are trained to find and identify power theft in the field. MEA also utilizes the AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) system to detect tampering and theft. Even with protective measures in place, power theft in the MEA service area still occurs, but you can help.

See Something? Report it.

MEA investigates each and every power theft tip we receive. When you report suspected electricity theft, you help save yourself and other MEA members money. If MEA is able to successfully identify and convict a power theft incident based on the information you provided, you will receive up to $250.00.

Think you’ve spotted a power theft case? Fill out the power theft report form below or call our Member Relations team (761-9300, Valley or 694-2161, Eagle River). Members can report power theft anonymously if preferred. Reporting power theft helps our team efficiently examine suspected instances of electricity theft.

Power Theft Form

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