New Service Construction

Whether you're building a home, a new business, or you need more power, we are here to help you through the process. Please select the type of construction service you need below.

Are you a builder constructing more than 3 new services a year? Join our MEA Builders Fast Track program for a quicker service application process.

The New Service Allowance (NSA) is a program designed to help you offset the costs of bringing power to a property that qualifies as a permanent status. Members may see a credit of up to $1,000.00 applied to the cost of their NSA-qualified construction.

You can now Apply Online for Construction of New Electric Services

We now offer a full online application process for construction of new services or service modifications for residences. Click on the "Start an Estimate" button to get started with your online application and to get a free, rough estimate for your project. For more information on new services for residential, commercial, subdivision and disconnect/reconnects, please visit the pages below.


Building a house and need electricity? Click on the button below for more information on the process of constructing residential service.


Building a new business and need electricity? Click on the button below for more information on constructing commercial service. Commercial service also applies to fourplexes (or larger multi-family dwellings) and licensed marijuana cultivation facilities.


Connect Renewables

Do you have your own personal generation such as wind or solar that you would like to connect in to our system? Click on the button below to learn how to become a Net Metering member.



If you are looking to bring power to a large parcel that is being divided into smaller lots with no existing power service, please click on the Subdivision button below.


Service Modification

If you need to upgrade or relocate an existing service, it is considered a service modification. To temporarily disconnect and reconnect service for electrician work or other needs, please click on the Disconnect/Reconnect button.

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