Temporarily Disconnect and Reconnect Service

Do you need to have your service temporarily disconnected and then reconnected for electrician or contractor work? A temporary disconnect/reconnect is for when there is no change to the existing electrical service, conductor, route, or meter and power will be reconnected once the work has been completed. For examples of temporary disconnect and reconnect scenarios, see the questions below.

Associated Costs/Fees: A request for disconnection and reconnection during normal business hours (excluding holidays) will require a payment of $356 in accordance with MEA Tariff Sheet Schedule of Fees. Payment for a disconnect/reconnect can be made at any of our offices in Palmer, Wasilla or Eagle River. Types of payments accepted are cash, check, or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card or American Express up to $10,000). Additional fees will apply to after hour requests for disconnection in accordance with the MEA Tariff Schedule of Fees.

To start your disconnect/reconnect application, please complete the application at this link. At the time of the application, you will be required to pay the $356 advance fee. NOTE:  If you are completing this application and you are not the legal property owner, MEA will need to verify with the legal land owner and/or member currently signed into the meter before the work can be completed. This verification process may cause a delay in the project. For any temporary disconnect or reconnection of services or for three-phase service, please contact Member Services 907-761-9300 or visit any of our office locations in Palmer, Wasilla, or Eagle River.

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