Service Modification

Are you working on a renovation project that needs an upgrade or relocation of an existing electric service? Want to relocate from overhead to underground service? Follow the steps below for making changes to your existing service.

Step 1: Construction Questionnaire

MEA offers a Construction Questionnaire which provides a reference table for common electric service modification projects and their associated costs. Click here to start the construction questionnaire online.

Step 2: Know your Electrical Requirements for Modification

The MEA Service Guide provides a wealth of information, including diagrams and detailed instructions for you to prepare your property to receive a new electric service. MEA also provides a list of the makes and models of prefabricated meter bases approved for use in MEA’s service area.

Step 3: Start Your Application for Service Modification

Upon viewing the rough estimate table, if you would like to move forward with a detailed project estimate, you will be prompted to initiate an Application for Service Modification. A $500.00 application advance must be paid and will be applied to the overall cost of your project. Canceling your request may result in a partial refund less than the actual cost incurred by MEA.

Step 4: Easements

Construction of permanent electric service requires a notarized easement in accordance with Alaska Statute 40.17.030. The easement must be the original and received within seven (7) days of completing your application. Failure to submit the easement may delay your project from moving forward. All MEA district offices are staffed with State of Alaska Notaries and can assist you with completing your easement.

Step 5: Route Design

Once your application is completed, an MEA engineering technician will be assigned to your project and contact will be made within seven (7) business days. Your assigned engineering technician will work with you to determine design, route, and cost.

Depending on the season and the complexity of your job, please allow 60 days or more for MEA to complete your design.

Step 6: Letter of Agreement and Payment

Your engineering technician will provide you a Letter of Agreement (LOA) which will include the detailed project estimate. If you choose to proceed with the project, signing the LOA and making payment will need to be completed within thirty (30) days. This can be done electronically, through DocuSign, or at any of our three (3)  office locations in Palmer, Wasilla, or Eagle River. MEA accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, or American Express up to $10,000.00.

Step 7: Service Construction

Once the LOA and payment has been received, your project will be released to construction. You will receive written notification of your tentative completion date. Service construction will include clearing, scheduling location of other utilities, and energizing the meter. This process may take thirty (30) days or more.

For additional questions regarding the process of making a service modification, please contact Member Services at 907-761-9300.

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