Heavy or Large Structure Move

Process for Moving a Home, Structure or Equipment Under Power Lines

MEA requires a review whenever a house, large structure or equipment is being moved along routes in which there are power lines. Please follow the steps below for heavy load moves around power lines.

Step 1: Complete and provide the "Load Move" form (.pdf) to Member Services including the following information:
Load description with dimensions and height above ground, and a description or map of the move route. Completed forms can be submitted by email to meacontact@mea.coop or dropped off at any MEA office location. MEA will review and provide approval of the form. The form will be returned to the requestor and forwarded to the appropriate agency once it is approved.

Load Move Form (.pdf)

Height of the equipment should be entered into the appropriate column on the Load Move Form (transmission, primary, secondary, communication, pole top). If a location contains more than one structure, all must be listed. Click here to see an example document (.pdf). You will need a qualified contractor to assist you with filling out the Load Move Form.

Step 2:
Utilize a qualified contractor. If you are required to have a qualified contractor provide assistance during the move, the contractor is responsible for coordinating any work on MEA's facilities with MEA's dispatch center. Members can contact an MEA Qualified Contractor by clicking here for the MEA Qualified Contractor List (.pdf).
Qualified Contractor List (.pdf)

If you have questions about any of these documents or this process please contact us at 907-761-9300 or email meacontact@mea.coop

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