Board of Directors

MEA's Board of Directors

Our electric co-op is led by our seven-member Board of Directors, including 4 District seats and 3 At-Large seats. Regular Board Meetings are scheduled for the second Monday of each month. Members can join in person or on Zoom with instructions on how to do so listed below. You can also review our Board Governance Policies and Board Meeting archives at the links highlighted below.

View past Board Meeting Minutes and Materials

Our upcoming board seat elections include:

  • Three At-Large Directors (seats staggered as of 2020 Bylaw change)
    At-Large Seat 2 - just elected in 2023, next election April 2026
    At-Large Seat 3 - just elected in 2023, next election April 2027
    At-Large Seat 1 - next election April 2025
  • Susitna West District (election just held April 2024)
  • Susitna East District (election just held April 2024)
  • Matanuska District (next seat election April 2025)
  • Eagle River District (next seat election April 2026)

Here is your current Board of Directors:

Bill Kendig


Susitna West District

Mark Masteller

Vice President

Matanuska District

Dan Tucker


Director At-Large

Mark Hamm

Eagle River District

Arthur Keyes

Director At-Large

Maxwell Sumner

Susitna East District

Anastasia Buretta

Director At-Large

Board Governance Policies

To review the governance policies of the MEA Board of Directors, please click here.

Board Meetings - Attend in person or on Zoom

Unless otherwise noted, all Board of Directors meetings are held on the second Monday of each month in the Board Room at MEA’s Headquarters, 163 Industrial Way, Palmer, AK. Members can attend the board meetings in person or attend the board meetings through Zoom and can sign up as a 'Persons to be Heard' through the Zoom registration link below. Members that sign up as a "persons to be heard" during the meeting can provide up to 3 minutes of comment.

Please register on Zoom for the Board Meeting on Monday, July 8, 2024, at 4:00 p.m.


Next Board of Directors Meeting


Board Meeting July 8

Meeting begins at 
4:00 pm

The regular Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Monday, July, 8, 2024 at 4:00 p.m. at Palmer Headquarters (163 E Industrial Way, Palmer, AK). Members can join in person or attend by Zoom. Members can select the option in the Zoom registration if they’d like to speak during the ‘Persons to be Heard’ portion of the meeting and provide up to 3 minutes of comment. The ‘Persons to be Heard’ section is held at the beginning of the Board meeting where members can provide comment during this time.

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