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MEA’s annual membership election is one of the foundations of our member-led co-op, but it can also be expensive due to printing and postage costs to produce materials for nearly 54,000 members. Help us decrease costs for our members and save paper by signing up for electronic voting materials. Just fill out the fields below and submit the information once all boxes are completed. Please note that your “Member Number” is not the same as your “Account Number”. Your member number is located on the top right hand corner of your monthly MEA bill (an example is highlighted in yellow below). By signing up for electronic voting materials, you will need to login to your SmartHub account to vote electronically during the annual membership election as you will not receive a paper ballot in the mail. If you don't not have a SmartHub account, you can click on the link to create one after submitting this form.

Locate Your Member Number on your MEA Bill

Sign up for Electronic Voting Materials

By submitting this information, I direct MEA to send me notice of election materials electronically through the email address provided on my SmartHub account instead of sending me election materials by mail. Election materials include but are not limited to the election booklet (featuring candidate information and proposed bylaw changes), and a ballot (for board candidates and bylaw changes). All MEA members will receive notification of the Annual Meeting via direct mail per MEA bylaws. At this time, the option to receive electronic notice for the Annual Meeting notification is unavailable. I understand I may change my preference for voting materials by contacting MEA at 907-761-9300.

Thank you for your Submission

Thank you for signing up for electronic voting materials and helping your electric co-op save money and paper. Please note that you will need to have a SmartHub account in order to vote electronically in the next Spring election and election material notices will be sent to the email address connected to your SmartHub account. Don’t have SmartHub? Click here to sign up.
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