Electric Vehicle Level Two Charger Pilot Program

MEA is conducting research to better understand the changes and impacts to the electric grid with an increase in ownership and usage of electric vehicles. MEA members who currently own or have ordered an electric vehicle can apply to participate in our Level 2 Charger Pilot Program. In exchange for providing charging data to MEA, electric vehicle owners will receive a level two electric vehicle charger.

Members who have previously installed a Level Two Charger for their electric vehicle are encouraged to apply for the program as well. If there is sufficient capacity in the program and the cooperative member meets certain requirements for equipment and software, current EV owners with level two chargers may be eligible for a reimbursement (up to $580).

In exchange for the equipment or reimbursement, participating members will provide MEA with data to study and understand charging habits in our service territory for up to three years. The chargers can collect and transmit this data via the internet and the Member will only need to ensure MEA has access.

The data to be collected from the charger will include, but is not limited to: 

1.   Time of day, and time spent, charging 

2.   Energy consumption 

3.   Load profile 

Other optional data may be requested from the participant for informational purposes such as the purchase price of the vehicle, charge installation costs, and work location.

*Please note that Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) are not eligible to participate. Commercial and Public installations are also ineligible.

To participate in this program an applicant must

1.   Be an MEA Member 

2.   Own or have ordered an Electric Vehicle  

3.   Commit to participation in the program for up to three years 

4.    Complete and submit the attached Level 2 Charger Pilot Program Application 

5.   Complete and submit the MEA Service Modification Construction Questionnaire and be willing to complete the Service Modification process.

6.    Be willing to execute the attached Letter of Agreement. 

7.    Install the charger at their place of residence and be responsible for all associated costs. 

8.    Maintain internet service at their residence to which the charger can be connected. 

9.   MEA employees will be eligible for receipt of a charger if they meet all other requirements and there is insufficient demand by other MEA members to meet the program requirements. 

Please download all three .pdf attachments below and complete the Application

Have questions about this program or the application process? Please reach out to us at electricvehicles@mea.coop

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) and Answers

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