2023 Preliminary Election Results

Last Updated: 
April 26, 2023

This year’s full membership election saw an 11.5% voter turnout. Among members who voted, 42% voted online using their SmartHub account while 57% voted by mail-in ballot, and 1% of voters voted in-person at the Annual Meeting. The preliminary election results are shown below, and election results will be certified at the next regular Board of Directors Meeting on Monday, May 8, 2023 at 4:00 p.m. at Palmer Headquarters.

There were two At-Large Board of Directors seats up for election. The candidate with the most votes was Dan Tucker, and the candidate with the second most votes was Anastasia Buretta. Per MEA Board Resolution No. 2088 regarding staggered board seat terms to reduce significant yearly turnover, the At-Large Seat candidate with the most votes in this election will serve a 4-year term, and the candidate with the second amount of most votes will serve a 3-year term.  


At-Large Director Voting Results

Anastasia Buretta    1,414 votes  (12.5%)

Bryan Cherry             1,049 votes (9.2%)

Jedediah Cox             604 votes (5.3%)

Joy Fearn-Condon   817 votes (7.2%)

Constance Fredenberg    1,326 votes (11.7%)

Gregory Hunt Sr.      1,228 votes (10.8%)

David Krumm            617 votes (5.4%)

Ted Leonard               1,329 votes (11.7%)

Dan Tucker (Incumbent) 2,972 votes (26.2%)


Proposed Bylaw Changes Election Results


Proposition 1 – to allow former member debt to be offset with Capital Credits at the Board’s Discretion.

4,627 Yes Votes     1,569 No Votes

Proposition 1 passed.


Proposition 2 – adding definition of Patron.

5,418 Yes Votes     736 No Votes

Proposition 2 passed.


Proposition 3 – Amend the definition of a member in good standing.

5,025 Yes Votes     1,172 No Votes

Proposition 3 passed.


Proposition 4 – recognizing tribal government in entity definition.

4,714 Yes Votes     1,462 No Votes

Proposition 4 passed.