Appeals Committee Responds to Appeals of Decisional Document on Fishhook to Pittman Transmission Line Routing Study

Last Updated: 
June 6, 2022

A three-member Appeals Committee has reviewed the Decisional Document and six appeals received for the Fishhook to Pittman Transmission Line Routing and Substation Siting Study. In a memo provided by the committee, the committee found that MEA met the borough requirements for public involvement regarding essential service utilities. Additionally, the committee offered comments for each appeal regarding public concerns MEA should further clarify. MEA has provided a supplementary response for each appeal and additional route analysis of the alternative routes proposed by the appellants in each appeal.

MEA submitted its Decisional Document to the Mat-Su Borough on April 5th, 2022 after completing a year-long plus study to identify a new transmission line route connecting the O’Neill Transmission Line and McRae Substation, which will supply power to two new substations to feed the growing load in the Fishhook and Meadow Lakes areas. An appeals process was outlined in the decisional document and the public could provide an appeal up to three weeks after the decisional document was filed. A three-member appeals committee was appointed by MEA's CEO to review each appeal; the Appeals Committee was comprised of residents outside of the study area, with backgrounds in areas of concern provided in project feedback including aviation, agriculture, planning and development, and public process. The Appeals Committee formed a decision on the appeals per their attached memo and provided questions and comments.

Following submittal of the Decisional Document, the Mat-Su Borough provided a letter stating that the requirements of MSB17.05.040(D) have been met. The Mat-Su Borough and the Appeals Committee were consistent in their findings that MEA has met the Mat-Su Borough’s requirements. With these requirements met, MEA will proceed to the next phase of the project, which includes permitting and design of the transmission line and associated substations.

Review the Appeals Committee Responses (.pdf)

Review MEA's Supplementary Response to Appeals (.pdf)