MEA Board Votes to Retire More than $1.6M in Capital Credits in 2022

Last Updated: 
November 22, 2022

MEA's Board of Directors voted to retire $1,660,567 in capital credits to members during the regular October board meeting. A total of $340,000 of the capital credit retirement applies to early estate retirements and more than $1.32 million will be paid out to members who earned capital credits in 1988. Capital credit retirement checks are anticipated to go out early December.

The board elected to use the "First in, First Out" method for capital credit retirements this year, meaning capital credits are paid to MEA's longest standing membership which is now at year 1988. A member's capital credit payout may be first applied to any delinquent or uncollectible accounts owed to MEA, and any capital credits in the amount of less than $25 will be applied to active account balances. Checks are mailed for retirement amounts more than $25 or for inactive accounts. Please make sure we have your most current mailing address and up to date contact information. Contact Member Services at 907-761-9300 if you have any questions or need to update your information.

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