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Energy Efficiency

Reducing costs and promoting a healthy environment for our members

Matanuska Electric Association, Inc., Alaska’s oldest existing and second-largest electric cooperative, is owned and operated by its 55,500+ members.

MEA manages over 4,700 miles of power lines, our Eklutna Generation Station (EGS power plant), and 24 substations.

Currently MEA utilizes a mix of fossil fuel and renewable generation to meet the energy needs of its members. From 2016 to 2019 fossil fuel generation averaged 89% of MEA’s overall generation with the remaining 11% coming from the Eklutna Lake and Bradley Lake Hydro facilities (10%) and Independent Power Producers (1%). In 2022, 16% of our power is produced using renewable energy. More than 400 members are currently producing power through renewable resources such as wind and solar, with a 2.7 MW nameplate capacity.

The Eklutna Generation Station (EGS) is one of the most efficient thermal generation power plants in the Railbelt, which reduces MEA’s consumption of fossil fuels.

Learn ways to save energy by making efficiency upgrades at home and integrating renewable technologies: https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/energy-saver


28% reduction

in carbon emissions since 2012


16% power produced

by renewable energy sources


55,500 members

in our service area


69,270 meters

located in MEA's service territory


4,731 miles

of energized power lines

Renewable Engergy

In the 2020 annual member survey, more than 77% of members supported MEA developing a carbon reduction goal


28% reduction

in carbon emissions since 2012.


Estimated 3% reduction

in fossil fuel generation in 2021 due to an increase in available hydro generation resources.

MEA provides a presentation on Renewable Energy and member programs
Renewable Engergy

Reducing costs and promoting a healthy environment for our members


416 Members

personally generating their power through renewable sources such as solar and wind with a nameplate capacity of 2.7 MW.


1 MW of power

Alaska's largest solar farm, created by Independent Power Producers, provides power to MEA members in Willow.

Carbon Reduction

Carbon Reduction

In 2020, as part of its strategic initiatives, MEA investigated the development of a carbon reduction strategy. In the 2019 and 2020 annual membership surveys, more than 75% of MEA members expressed support for their electric co-op to develop a carbon reduction goal. MEA staff reviewed best practices among other electric utilities for carbon reduction, compiled important metrics about MEA’s current generation mix and recent carbon reduction gains, and held listening sessions with members to get their feedback and ideas moving forward with this initiative. Detailed studies were also conducted to determine different options and trade-offs to achieve carbon reduction.

At their April Board meeting, MEA’s Board of Directors passed a resolution for MEA’s carbon reduction plan, including a carbon reduction goal of 28% by year 2030 compared to the 2012 baseline year. In addition to a carbon reduction goal, the resolution contained other member choice initiatives giving members options to further reduce their carbon footprint including:

  • development of a member-based Innovation Working Group,
  • creation of a Green Power Program allowing members to contribute to carbon reduction activities through their electric bill,
  • adoption of a Level Two Charging Program to provide EV charging equipment to members and understand their usage,
  • the implementation of time of use rates to adjust member usage behaviors for beneficial electrification without negatively impacting the broader membership,
  • not imposing limits on self-generation using renewable energy up to 25kW (net metering); and
  • the development of other potential initiatives.

Stay tuned to learn about the development of these carbon reduction related programs and how you can be involved. To review MEA’s member presentation on the Carbon Reduction Plan and Initiatives, please click here.

Community Electric Co-op

Matanuska Electric Association, Inc., Alaska’s oldest existing and second-largest electric cooperative, is owned and operated by its 55,500+ members. MEA's service area includes the communities of Eagle River, Chugiak, and the Matanuska-Susitna Borough.