List of Eligible Candidates for Board Election and Proposed Bylaw Changes

Last Updated: 
February 16, 2023

There are two MEA At-Large Board seats up for election in April 2023. Candidate applications were available in mid-December and were due by February 3. Candidate applications were reviewed and approved by the Election Committee. Listed in alphabetical order by their last name, the following candidates meet the minimum qualifications to run for the Board of Directors:

Buretta, Anastasia

Cherry, Bryan

Cox, Jedediah

Fearn-Condon, Joy

Fredenberg, Constance “Connie”

Hunt, Gregory Sr.

Krumm, David

Leonard, Ted

Tucker, Dan (Incumbent)

Election materials with information on each candidate and ballots will be mailed to all MEA members at the end of March. Online candidate bios and voting will also be available for members. Voters may select up to two candidates on the ballot. Per MEA Board Resolution No. 2088 regarding staggered board seat terms to reduce significant yearly turnover, the At-Large Seat candidate with the most votes in this election will serve a 4-year term, and the candidate with the second amount of most votes will serve a 3-year term.  

2023 Proposed Bylaw Changes - Opportunity for Members to Provide Pro/Con Statements

The following Bylaw change recommendations were recommended by the 2022 Bylaw Committee and approved by the MEA Board of Directors for inclusion on the 2023 MEA member election ballot. The proposed changes and associated explanations can be reviewed at this link. This information will also be published in the 2023 elections materials that will be mailed to all members at the end of March.

Pro/Con Statements – If you would like to propose either a pro or a con statement (200 word maximum) for any of the proposed bylaw changes to be considered by the election committee, please submit it by email to

Pro or Con statements are due by 5:00 pm on Friday, Feb. 24, 2023.

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