Final Public Information and Comment Hearing for Transmission Line Routing and Substation Siting Study Scheduled January 19th

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January 16, 2022

Fishhook to Pittman Transmission Line Routing and Substation Siting Study

Join us for our final study public comment hearing and feedback session on Wednesday, January 19, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. at the Wasilla High School Auditorium. We will share our updated study results that identifies the two better performing route options for a 20-mile transmission line and locations for two new substations in the Fishhook to Pittman areas. A presentation and Q&A session will be provided, followed by public comment on the updated study results. A route will be selected and submitted in the Spring for further design and development, so your input now is greatly valued. This presentation and public comment session will be provided in person at the Wasilla High School auditorium and members who wish to participate virtually can register at this zoom link. If you would like to provide a comment (up to 3 minutes), please check the "I wish to register as a persons to be heard" box in the registration questions.

Members who cannot attend may provide comment on the study and updated route analysis using the study feedback form located at the bottom of the project page at this link:
Fishhook to Pittman Transmission Line and Substation Siting Study – Matanuska Electric Association, Inc. (

Members can provide comment on the updated route analysis and the two better performing transmission line route options shown on the map in purple above. The circles on the map indicate general areas for two future substation sites. Please note that a final route will be based on permitting and design constraints as well as other criteria. To view the better performing route alternative evaluation document, click here.

Route Section Comparisons

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