Constructing New Service

If your service location is new (Constructing New Service), if you need more power (Upgrading Existing Service), or if you’d like to move your meter or move your existing service (Relocate Existing Service), the content below will outline these basic processes for you.

Members interested in generating a portion of their power through personal generation (referred to as net metering) should visit our "Provide Personal Generation" page.

Activate Existing Service
Already have service on-site, but just need to get it turned on? Visit our Sign up for Service page.
Sign Up for Service

Additional Information and Documents for New Power Construction Services

Members applying to construct a new service, relocate or upgrade will need to complete several documents. We do not have electronic versions of all the paperwork associated with this process currently available on our website, but we are working on providing it in the future.

Please contact MEA Member Services to request the new construction forms by calling 907-761-9300 or visit any of our office locations in Palmer, Wasilla, or Eagle River.

Please note that prior to initiating a new construction work order, members must own the property on which they wish to bring service and be willing to grant MEA a Right-of-Way Easement to access the property.

Residential Construction

Commercial Construction

Connecting Personal Renewable or Generation Systems